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Open, verifiable and proven. Welcome to our track record of predicting stock promotions.

To showcase the quality of the research we do, we track all our opinions on potential “stock awareness” campaigns in the table hereunder. It contains dates of, and links to, all occasions on which we were foreseeing an upcoming stock promotion.

2015 Forecasting

7 out of 7, a 100%, or otherwise: All of our 2015 stock promotion forecasts came to fruition.

Expected Stock Promotion
Research vindicated?
Pure Snax International, Inc. (PSNX) Nov. 11 Yes! December 2.
Aqua Power Systems Inc (APSI) Sep. 9 Yes! Boiler room volumes (e.g. 2,4Mio on Sept 23.)
LANS HOLDINGS INC. (LAHO) July 23 Yes! August 13 by the means of an e-mail promo.
EMS Find, Inc. (EMSF) June 1 Yes! June 4: Bots touting on Twitter, hard-mailers.
Preston Corp. (PSNP) April 29 Yes! On March 10, 2016 we received a first newsletter.
KollagenX Corp. (KGNX) Feb. 6 Yes! April 21: E-mail newsletters until June 18.
FLASR, Inc. (FLSR) Feb. 6 Yes! March 17: E-mail newsletters until May 20.

Difference in prediction and its coming to fruition dates

We predicted the FLSR promotion 39 days before the actual promotion.

In the case of KGNX, we tweeted 74 days before we received the promotional newsletters. That’s a whopping 2,5 months.

The campaign of EMSF (turned out to be a hardmailer promo) we foresaw 3 days before its start.

The second round of stock promotion of LAHO (the first one ending December 2014) we expected and wrote about 21 days before receiving the first e-mails.

The day of and weeks after our article on APSI we saw initially some stagnating volume, followed by a near-parabolic increase in volume (e.g. 2,4Mio on Sept 23, ’15.) at time of writing. The source of the promotion is probably a boiler-room operation. Therefor, we can only estimate that we found the promo 1 to 3 days prior the actual promo.

We predicted PSNX roughly 20 days before the actual promotion.

It proved a very long wait from the time we published our initiating article on PSNP to when the promotion actually occured: a difference of almost 9 months and a half. With it, our 2015 stock promotion forecasting track record clocks off at a success rate of 100%.

Beware of stock manipulation

Don’t play a stock promotion just because someone wrote an article. Severe losses can be suffered when buying stock promotions, even before they’ve begun! We’ve seen stocks being artificially lowered in price just before the start of the actual promotion. That way, promoters can market a stock as a so-called “bottom-bouncer”. In our opinion, knowing if or when to buy stock promotions is more of an art than a science. The way it looks, stock promoters are more likely to be interested in volume rather than price during the actual promotion.

An interesting and very much up-to-date article, linking to even more interesting articles, can be found at www.sec.gov/oiea/investor-alerts-bulletins/ia_promotions.html.

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