$EMSF: Shares of “EMS Find” find themselves promoted

  Little over a week ago, on June 1st, we published an article on EMS Find (EMSF) stock in which we deemed it likely that this stock would become promoted between then and the next four months. The article did …..

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EMS Find (EMSF) shares to feature in next pump-and-dump?

Recently, the share price of EMS Find (EMSF) has increased slowly on increased volume. This article outlines why shares of EMS Find Inc (EMSF) could be well on their way in becoming the center point of a future stock promotion …..

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Shares of Preston Corp (PSNP) likely to become promoted

Introduction We reckon that PSNP stock is probably going to be promoted soon. Below you can read some of the findings of the research we performed. By continuing to read this article, you agree to the Terms of Service. In …..

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