Sladderdash. What’s that?

Who are you people?

We wanted to find out if it was really possible to discover stock promotions ahead of the actual promo, without paying for a service.

Sladderdash is about sharing our pre-promo discoveries free of charge. Our track record showcases why Sladderdash is a useful tool in finding stock promo’s before the market. Our blog proves it.

Any hidden agendas?

No sir – just have a look at any of our articles or, even more relevant, our track record. First of all, we are very much independent. Our initial datasets are gathered solely from our own research software, and cannot be bought. The resulting research reports are openly available to all. It might actually be a bit annoying in the eyes of stock promoters, since Sladderdash can expose stock promo campaigns that early on.

What’s with the name?

We thought Sladderdash sounded kind of cool. Other than that, it doesn’t really mean anything.

I found Sladderdash useful. Can I help?

Great! If an article or tweet proved useful to you, here’s how you can show your support.

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