Preston Corp: Still Up For A Stock Promo?

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In the mean time, let’s try to answer this question: Are Preston Corp shares still up next for a stock promotion?

The TLDR; answer

Probably? Happy new year!

L’histoire se répète?

We initially covered PSNP in an article on May 29, 2015 (entitled “Shares of Preston Corp (PSNP) likely to become promoted“). The promotion we anticipated, however, did not happen during 2015. It is the only one of our 2015 stock predictions that didn’t come to fruition.

We assume the initial “operation” fell through, as the potential landing pages we originally discovered around May all went offline.

But then, last month, we discovered a new landing page.

Potential PSNP landing pages

Ever since our PSNP initiating piece, its potential landing pages have come and gone.

The following list contains domains that, in our humble opinion, at some point were all registered potentially with the intent to become landing pages for a so-called “stock awareness campaign”.


Only landing page #11 is currently active, which incidentally is the one we found in December. Probably the other ones will not be reactivated, as we think they were made by a previous promo team that most likely was connected to The Moskowitz Report. We refer again to our May article for screenshots of the now-defunct landing pages.

The landing page video

PSNP promo video screenshot

One promo video was uploaded to Vimeo at the end of November and can be found at

Promo budget

PSNP disclaimer screenshot

According to, “Wall Street Giants” will be compensated $35 000 for trying to inflate volume traded in this stock in the near future. That’s 7x higher than the budget ($5000) found in the April landing pages (which we described in our May article). However, this is not necessary relevant for the outcome of a potential promotion.

Recent spikes in volume

Recently, spikes could be observed in the volume traded of PSNP (could be wash trading though). The chart hereunder shows PSNP’s chart for December 14, 2015. A similar chart could be seen on December 16, with around 100 000 shares being traded into the close.

PSNP chart from December 14, 2015

PSNP chart from December 14, 2015 (courtesy of Google Finance).


A closer look into the underlying company shows rather unfavorable financials. There are little signs of actual activity when diving into the Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statements – showing very low numbers.

Newsletters mentioning PSNP: None

So far, we did not receive e-mails on PSNP. Also the common stock message boards are rather empty. That is why we think a promotion has yet to begin.


Based on our proprietary research, we are of the opinion that shares of Preston Corp (PSNP) are going to be subject to an upcoming stock promotion.

This article, together with the one we wrote on May 29, 2015, clearly noted PSNP’s suboptimal financials, next to a list of 15 web domains that we believe are, were or will be landing pages in support of what potentially could become an upcoming Preston Corp stock promotion.

The only currently active landing page

Resized and watermarked screenshot of PSNP landing page

Resized and watermarked screenshot of PSNP landing page


Despite all of the above, we bought a small amount of PSNP stock.

As always, perform your own due diligence before making any investment decisions.

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