Prediction 6 Of 7 Comes True: Puresnax PSNX Promotion Has Landed

Chart courtesy of Yahoo! Finance

Hello and welcome! Here’s a quick update on our prediction concerning PureSnax International Inc. (PSNX).

We outlined our initial suspicions on an upcoming PSNX penny stock promotion here on, and published a more in-depth analysis on Seeking Alpha soon after.

Looking at the above chart, and also from our Twitter-feed, we can see some unusual activity (a.k.a. stock promotion, maybe pump and dump) in the last two days.

This is in-line with what was predicted by us 20 days ago – as early as November 12 – on PSNX! Including PSNX, our pre-promo prediction track record now stands at 6 out of 7 – a success rate of 85.71%.

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So stay tuned, as we work hard to bring the latest penny stock pre-promotional discoveries for free.

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