Will shares of PureSnax International Inc. be subject in a next penny stock promo?

Edit: Read the up-to-date and more in-depth article on PSNX by us on Seeking Alpha instead!

Welcome to another brief publication on what could become one of the next stock promotions.

So why do we think shares of PureSnax International Inc. (PSNX) are being prepped for a promotion? And why is it worth publishing about?

Potential Landing Pages

As always, to begin with landing pages, Sladderdash.com found two of them so far:

  • psnxstockreport.com
  • psnxreport.info

As evident from the screenshots below, these 2 pages look pretty empty for now. Their style, or lack thereof, is quite similar as well.



No touts on message boards and in e-mails yet

As far as our archives go, we could not find any e-mails on PSNX yet. That means that with a high degree of probability, we could assume the ticker has not been promoted before. That’s notable and, in our humble opinion, worthy an article.

Looking at some of the social media confirms this. The typical penny stock boards for PSNX, for instance InvestorsHub.com and InvestorsHangout.com, are still pristine. Furthermore, only a handful of posts with regards to the stock can be found on Twitter.com.

Recent activity

Another factor strenghtening our belief that a promotion could be just days or weeks away, is the fact that we’ve witnessed accumulating volume in recent days. We include a figure, depicting PSNX’s recent chart (courtesy of Yahoo! Finance):


Who knows about a comparable confirmed past-promotion? Who could be the players?


We do not have any positions in PSNX stock, nor do we have any plans on playing it. That makes us a very objective source of information.

Reminder: Beware of stock manipulation!

Don’t play a stock promotion just because someone wrote an article. Severe losses can be suffered when buying stock promotions, even before they’ve begun! We’ve seen stocks being artificially lowered in price just before the start of the actual promotion. That way, promoters can market a stock as a so-called “bottom-bouncer”. In our opinion, knowing if or when to buy stock promotions is more of an art than a science. The way it looks, stock promoters are more likely to be interested in volume rather than price during the actual promotion.

As a reminder, you are responsible for your investment choices! In general, we feel penny stocks are never good investment choices. Read our full Terms of Service here!

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