We assessed APSI correctly. What’s next? A watchlist.

Follow-up on APSI (stock of Aqua Power Systems Inc)

On September 9, 2015, just over two weeks ago, we wrote about why we expected shares of Aqua Power Systems to be a then-future stock promotion. Looking at our track record, 5 out of 6 of our pre-promotion predictions now have come to fruitition (and we are happy to say we did not play APSI). That’s more than a 83% rate of succesful predictions.

This is the result of being picky. That is why for the remainder of the article we want to have it understood that we are not pretending the next two stocks are not (yet) involved in stock promotions (if they are). This article is not written for our track record. It is a small watchlist – as we are of the opinion that more of the same is on the way.

On our watchlist: TRTC (stock of Terra Tech Corp)


TRTC has a long history of stock promotions, dating back to 2013. Counting quickly, we have received under 300 e-mails about this stock in the past.  For the over-the-counter and bulletin boards, we consider the stock to be quite liquid.

(Potential) landing pages

On September 11, 2015, after all previous campaigns, 4 new domains were registered. These potential landing pages are the listed here. We included links to their respective whois information so you can verify this for yourself.


Currently, all domains redirect back to the first domain. They look quite a bit “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet” and template-ish for now. Who knows what these pages will turn out to be once finished?


On our watchlist: TCNT (stock of Toucan Interactive Corp)


We have witnessed some minor activity during August 2015 by 2 promoters. So the unknown is if a promotion is over already or if one has yet to begin.


(Potential) landing page

A page is under construction at tcntreport.com (WHO.IS), yet this does not mean it will be home to a landing page. The domain was registered August 14, 2015, coinciding with the first e-mail we received (see screenshot above).


Combined with the the –49% price drop on only 100 shares on September 24, 2015, this stock’s market cap now equals the amount of outstanding shares.



Currently we do not hold any positions in APSI, TRTC or TCNT.

Did you profit from any of our research?

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