We expect shares of Aqua Power Systems Inc (APSI) to be promoted

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Since the start of the Sladderdash Blog, we so far have presented our theses on FLSR, KGNX, LAHO and EMSF. We called these stocks likely candidates for then-future stock promotions and were proven right.

We found evidence of the FLSR promotion 39 days before the actual promotion. The hardmailer campaign of EMSF we foresaw roughly 3 days before its start. We tweeted about the KGNX promo no less than 74 days before newsletters started touting the stock. That is a whopping 2,5 months BEFORE the promotion, and a heck of a LOT of time to potentially profit from the research we’re doing here for free.

Finally, a second round of the LAHO stock promotion we expected and wrote about 21 days before receiving the first promotional e-mails. Refer to our track record to stay updated on all of our previous predictions.

Now, let’s unveil the latest from penny promotion land.

Let’s talk APSI

We are of the opinion that shares of APSI (Aqua Power Systems Inc.) are poised for a round of “stock awareness” campaigning.

We discovered another landing page at apsistockreport.com on July 15, 2015, a day after the domain was registered. The stock has no prior history of stock promotion as can be seen from the first screenshot taken August 4, 2015 (courtesy of Yahoo! Finance).


Unusual volume

The next screenshot was taken today (and is courtesy of Google Finance). It illustrates rather nicely why sometimes it is worthwhile not to buy in just the minute one discovers a new potential stock promotion. To date, APSI stock price has gone down by almost a quarter since our initial (non-public) discovery date.

Other than that, note the unusual volume that is 131 375 shares bought and sold today. Compared to an average volume of 10 472, that is more than twelve-fold. It is remarkable that the price did not fluctuate more despite such a big percentage increase in volume.


About that landing page

So what has changed between our initial discovery day and now? The landing page! We discovered apsistockreport.com on July 15, 2015, when it looked like this:


Whereas today it looks – at least, initially – like this:


There are three things to note here.

  1. A site has finally been uploaded;
  2. The site is requesting a password. Looks like they want to make it harder for us to discover landing pages before they want us to;
  3. The site is frontloading content from Vimeo (we’ve seen this in many of the other landing pages as well).

So how to know that in fact this is a future stock promotion’s landing page?

  1. Using a Firefox Web Developer toolbar extension, we can easely find the video located at vimeo.com/136934524 to which is referred in-code.
  2. The page’s developer has been so kind as to include the required password in plain-text in the HTML source. Copying and pasting Ap$Y$&!28 when prompted by apsistockreport.com will show the landing page that we suspect to be used in an upcoming stock promo. (When you tell your friends, remember that we don’t mind to get credit once in a while. Support!)

The landing page after entering the password looks as in the screenshot on the very bottom of this article. Note the disclaimer stating ”ASRC has a $30,000 USD advertising production budget as of September 7, 2015 in an effort to build industry and investor awareness.”. This currently leads us to believe that the promotion may start relatively soon. At the bottom, we read that the whole page should be considered an advertisement. Indeed, one can smell the upcoming “awareness campaign” already.

Here’s a screenshot of how the promotional video looks like as of today. Also the numbers do not lie. The video is online only for 2 weeks and there have been only 29 views on this video so far, including ours. So also this one we discovered early. Also, do enjoy the video’s mechanical sounding voice.


No history of stock promotion

As far as we are aware of, the stock itself has not been promoted before. We checked the main messageboards used for this type of promotions and have yet to receive the first e-mail touting the stock:



They’re not the best, as usually. Here are the numbers that we sourced from http://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/APSI/financials#.

As of March 31, 2015, the income statement shows $ –123 000 under “Operating Income” and $ –104 000 under “Net Income Applicable to Common Shareholders”.

On the balance sheet, $ 271 000 “Total Assets” are offset by $ 366 000 in “Total Liabilities”. “Total Stockholder Equity” and “Net Tangible Assets” both sit at $ -95 000.

Finally, the cash flow report shows that “Total Cash Flow From Operating Activities” was $ -155 000 and “Total Cash Flow From Investing Activities” $ –266 000. A total “Change in Cash and Cash Equivalents” of $ 1 000 results from the former and the company’s “Total Cash Flow From Financing Activities” of $ 423 000.


We expect shares of Aqua Power Systems Inc (APSI) to be promoted because of the promotional material (consisting of a video and a landing page) we found and the suboptimal financials of the company.

In our experience, a combination of both have proven to be key indications that a stock promotion is about to happen. In our opinion, today’s sudden increase in the volume of the stock traded amounted to further confirmation of our suspicions.

There are zero indications that the promotion has kicked off. We saw no promotion on social media nor have gotten any e-mails touting the stock yet. Also, the landing page was protected.(albeit poorly) using a password, which leads us to believe not many people are aware of the upcoming promo thus far. This is confirmed by the very low view count (29) on the promotional video that was uploaded by the promoters.


We do not hold any positions in APSI stock.

Did you profit from any of our research?

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Screenshot of the landing page


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