4 out of 5– As predicted – LANS Holdings (LAHO) undergoing stock promotion


As predicted on July 23 by Sladderdash.com in this article on Seeking Alpha, shares of Lans Holdings, Inc are currently being touted in a new round of e-mail campaigning. Touts are promoting the stock for the first time since the previous round of promotion dating back to December 2014.

Here’s a screenshot of the e-mails received today (or yesterday, depending where you’re reading this from) as well as the landing pages found on July 23.


Promoters touting the stock as of the time of writing include ValuePennyStocks.com, ValueStockPick.com, SuperLativeStocks.com and HiddenGemStocks.com.

This means that 4 out of 5 stock promotions predicted by Sladderdash.com have come to fruition in the short time we’ve been around.

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Unusal Volume in Previous Days

LAHO received some unusual trading volume in recent trading days. At a volume of 33 184, LAHO got eight times the three-month average volume yesterday, which is over twenty-one times the 30-day average volume. But still, that only amounts up to roughly $4579 of purchases in the stock. Also note the typical drop in price just before the start of the promotion. This is one way how one could estimate the probable start of a stock promotion.

Screenshot courtesy of Yahoo! Finance.

Screenshots of promo mails received so far

The screenshots below were made using our own software and serve to prove our thesis that stock of LAHO is currently undergoing a new round of stock promotion. Their contents are most likely advertisements. So be sure to read their disclaimers. In our opinion, the safest course of action is no action. The contents of the mails are not endorsed in any way by Sladderdash.com and the content belongs to their respective owners.



We do not have any positions in LAHO stock.

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